About Managed VPS Hosting

About Managed VPS Hosting

Management of the VPS is one such issue that is controllable by customers of this service. Accessing the highly technical aspects of the server is only requested by a few customers and this is when it is of utmost importance for them to have such type of access. Most of the customers would want the hosting company to take care of such things. A vast majority of the customers go for the partial control so that they can focus more on their websites. However, the VPS service that has offers the highest level of control in the hands of the customers is self managed VPS.

Self Managed VPS

The Self Managed VPS option is only available for the customers who need to have total control over the server. This actually means that the customer is responsible for all that is related to the server. This includes even updating the server and customer support too. When compared with the dedicated servers, the self-managed VPS will offer a wide selection of options. The resources and utilities can be controlled based on the type of plans opted by the customers.

Most of the VPS services that are self-managed posses a dedicated IP. Adding more IPs can be done by paying additional fees as per the plan you have opted for. Server access to the databases will be normally included by taking the operating system used into consideration. Software titles as well as the additional tools will also cost extra money. The operating systems that are of low cost or open source will be available and can be installed. Some among the operating systems in the class mentioned above are Unix, Linux and derivatives like Centos, SUSE and Debian.

Management of VPS is done with the help of a control panel. Such options can be made use of with the aid of control panel software like Plesk, cPanel and other available options. The process also makes the customers who are making use of self-managed VPS responsible of updating and taking proper care of the software used in their control panel.  The fact that customer service will be absent means that the hosting company will not be able do anything even when something goes wrong terribly. The maximum, the support offered by hosting company can do is to restore factory setting in the hosting.

When the customers using self-managed VPS need additional support, they can get it from the hosting company by paying premiums to them. However, the scope of such services will be limited. There are numerous additional responsibilities to the customers who have opted for self-managed VPS. Some among such responsibilities are handling the configuration of DNS, managing the website errors, troubleshooting and configuring the scripts, installing and the upkeep of security, controlling the backup requests and offering support to the third party applications that may not be originally supported by the VPS operating system selection. The self-managed VPS hosting should be left to the individuals, companies or the developments teams that have in-depth knowledge of the servers, their configurations and the skills that are necessary for managing the servers properly.

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