How to Choose a Web Host?

Web Host

Have you decided to start a website? Maybe your thinking about what the best web host is, you have maybe 10-20 options that you like, but you’re not sure which the best is, and why to choose each host, well I’m here to help.
There are so MANY things to think about when buying web hosting, because you want a good host that’s going to always keep your site online, be reliable, and always load fast for visitors to your website. You want to be able to control your files, upload with ease, and most importantly have control of your hosting.

List you should consider when buying hosting.

  1. 1. Space & Band: These are probably the two most important things for you to think about, because you want to have enough space to fit your articles. You also want to have enough band, for the downloads that happen whenever a user visits your site. A good amount of band is around 20G because it allows you to get a few hundred visitors a day without any band problems. Space, all depends on the kind of site that you decide to run.
  2. 2. Control Panel: What system do they allow you to use, to control your site? Do they use the cPanel control system, or an open source alternative? Is it easy to use? Simple, enough for you to navigate? Or is it a hard system that you won’t be able to use.
  3. 3. Uptime: What is the host’s uptime? Are they going down often, or do they stay up all the time?
  4. 4. Price: What can you afford for what they are giving you? Are other hosts out there with a better price, or are they the top one. Will they help you get an affordable price, or stick solid to their prices?
  5. 5. Control: Do you need your own server, or VPS, where you can access the server in private and take full control.

If you use these steps, you’ll be able to get the best hosting for your latest sites, and have an enjoyable experience.

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