Key Features of Dedicated Servers


There’s no doubt that dedicated servers are the deluxe end of web hosting.  Having your own server gives you unparalleled control over your websites and domains, allowing you to do virtually anything you choose – assuming the server can physically handle it, of course.  However, with freedom comes responsibility.  Looking after a dedicated server can be too much for the average web user, who just wants to host a website without having to worry about technical and administrative tasks.

But, if you’re up to the job, and if your website requires a higher level of hosting support, then dedicated servers are something you should seriously consider.

Key features that you need to look out for in a dedicated hosting package

  • The ability to configure software and server settings, and the ability to set your own schedule for automated tasks.  This is especially important when it comes to back-up arrangements.
    unrestricted bandwidth and disk space usage.  This is the whole point of having a dedicated server, of course.  By definition, as you’re the only person using the server, you should get all of the CPU, memory and bandwidth resources to yourself, but it’s worth double checking before you part with any cash.
  • Security settings.  As the only user inhabiting a dedicated server, you should, in theory, be the only person who can access the data held on that server.  This should provide you with greater security against data loss, and greater protection against virus attack.  Again, it’s worth double checking that the levels of security on your dedicated server are satisfactory.  Your data is too precious for this to be left to chance.
  • Reliability.  Servers tend to go down if too great a strain is placed on their resources by too many users at once.  As you’re the only user, this shouldn’t be a problem – dedicated servers have nearly 100% up-time.  However, as a full 100% can never be guaranteed, check out the general reliability of your hosting company’s dedicated servers in advance.
  • Traffic management.  Dedicated servers should be able to handle enormous amounts of traffic, and more importantly, give you the ability to control your own bandwidth settings.
  • Response times.  Websites hosted on dedicated servers should load much faster than those on shared servers.
    In short, dedicated servers should give you full control over everything that’s involved with running your website.  You pay for the privilege of doing so, but if all of these key features are in place, then it’s well worth making that investment.

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