Linux or Windows Web Servers – Which Should You Choose?

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Over the years, there have been discussions on which server is better- Linux server or Windows server. Both have their sets of features offered to the users which allow the user to have a better work environment. Both of them have their own set of applications and compatibility feature offered to the users. They are very much apt in responding well under high strain situations.

Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting

Linux is a versatile operating system. It has access to wide range of powerful tools and applications which helps the users to utilize the tools to the best of the advantage. These tools are free or can be licensed from various sources. This helps the Linux server to give a wide variety of options to the users. One of the biggest advantages of using Linux is that the user can have access to MySQL database. These databases provide the feature of making blogs, discussion forums etc. Since the tools required are open sourced, the websites makers are given the option of customizing the contents as per their requirement. The cost of Linux is much cheaper than Windows which allows the small and start -up companies to use it.

On the other hand, Windows is a very well known name in the world of software due to Microsoft which is the inventor of Windows. It offers user friendly options which can be easily used by the users. It provides options which help in making great websites due to the simplicity of applications. The user can install anything on the Windows based server very easily. Most of the options are modern and can be easily used by the user. Since there is huge repository of software with the Microsoft, the users of Windows can avail the software in making the website and hosting their website on the Windows server. Further, there are constant updates which are sent from the Microsoft thus making the applications up to date and compatible with the new versions of Windows. However, this sometimes proves to be bugging for the users since there are always some or the other update popping up.

Both Linux and Windows have advantage and disadvantage. It is up to the user which option he wants. Whether he wants to go with the Windows server or Linux server is purely based on his requirements and the features he wants. If he wants to go with Windows, he gets a whole set of application and software of Microsoft. On the other hand if he wants to go with Linux, he gets open source tools and that too sometimes free of cost. Also, Linux is cheaper as compared to Windows. The user should be clear in his mind of his requirements. He should choose the system only after understanding the features thoroughly. It would be waste of his time if he opts for a system for which he needs to spend months just to understand it and then implement it. He should first spend his valuable time on learning about the features of the system and then selecting the system which serves his requirements the best.

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