The Difference Between Domain Names and Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Domain and Web Hosting are important components that are needed in order that you can launch your website. The Domain name is your website’s address. It plays a very important role in marketing. The easier for internet visitors to remember it the better it will for your online business. When purchasing a domain name this only gives you the right to that name. Web hosting on the other hand is like renting a house where you can store all the pages, content, pictures and other files that are connected to your website.  Generally you make monthly or annual payments to a hosting company (your online landlord) so that you can be given a space to their computers to keep your website.

Web hosting is a service that provides you with a web server that you can store your files along with its own network connection, configuration and maintenance. As a website owner you just need to upload your site to the server and configure your email through the use of an online account control panel. Here are some hosting features:

  • Operating System (OS): Discuss with your web designer or web developer what you specifically need for your website
  • Storage: Measures in MB or GB, the size of your hard drive
  • Bandwidth: The amount of data transfer you are allowed. Choose a web host that provides plenty of these so that when traffic gets bigger on your site visitors will not have a hard time downloading your page
  • Multiple databases

You have two choices to choose from when you are looking for a web host either dedicated server hosting or shared hosting.  Dedicated servers allow you to host your website by yourself and not sharing this to another website or several websites. Your server is allowed to function to its maximum best.  A dedicated server gives you SSH/Shell/ Root access and allows you too customize too.

Shared Hosting as the name implies means you are sharing your services with other web sites thus it reduces the cost for everyone. Although you and other websites may share your resources this can still work extremely well because most websites do not generate that much traffic but if all the websites grows simultaneously then a problem will ensue.

A good move would be to look for web host providers that offer you free domain name when you purchase their service. To name a few: Bluehost, Hostmonster, iPage, FatCow, Justhost and a lot more. The usual price range for shared hosting is from $5 to $20; Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from $20 to $80 and $100 or more for dedicated servers. Before choosing from one of this it is best to know what your website needs.

This article was written by Garen Arnold who has written many reviews on domain registrars (see GoDaddy reviews). His web hosting review site can be found at

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