What I Need to Know About Web Hosting and Bandwidth?

Web Hosting

In your search for a web hosting, one main aspect that you should carefully look into is the availability of bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data the web hosting company allows to be transferred from its server to the visitors of your website in a specific time period, usually in a one month time. In general, the web hosting company gets its allocated bandwidth from the backbone providers or data centers to sustain their clients. Bandwidth is also known as data transfer.

How do you determine the amount of needed bandwidth? For example if your website will have to support multimedia applications, such as loading up movies, video files, music, flash powered pages and graphics you will need a higher bandwidth compared to a simple, basically text based website. Therefore, the required bandwidth for your website mostly depends on the usage of the website itself. For an average website not supporting various multimedia applications a 50 kilobytes bandwidth size should be sufficient.

How determine the necessary bandwidth?

Below are some useful main factors that might help you determine the necessary bandwidth for your website.

  1. The more visitors your website has, the larger the bandwidth amount should be.
  2. The size of your web page is another factor that influences the amount of the needed bandwidth. Also, the size of the web page is influenced by the use of embedded images, external JavaScript’s files or external style sheet.
  3. It is also influenced by the download file size, as if your website allows downloads, a larger file will require a higher bandwidth.
  4. To determine the needed bandwidth you might multiply the amount of average downloadable files with the number of monthly average visitors. Also add the anticipated monthly email traffic and FTP transfers to determine the approximate amount of bandwidth your website would require.

There are some frequent risks you have to pay attention to regarding the allocated bandwidth from your web hosting company.

Bandwidth overselling is quite frequent in web hosting, involving a great risk for the users of the particular web host.

This is due to the fact that the web host is aware that not all users will use up their entire monthly allocated bandwidth, and the web hosting provider will oversell their bandwidth for more profit to more customers that they normally should. Thus, as the server bandwidth is overused, the occurrence of sudden down-time of the shared server is higher and more difficult to prevent it.

In the case of unanticipated flow of traffic to your website on certain days or for any other reason, your web host will charge you for the additional traffic that exceeded the standard allocated bandwidth for that month.
Even more, certain web host will simply shut down your website in such cases. Some web host users will make use of the so called “throttle” traffic service of the web host – if such service is provided – to eliminate the additional traffic to your website exceeding the allocated bandwidth of your website in any given day.

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