Why You Need Reliable Web Hosting?

Web Hosting

If you’re thinking about running a website, you will inevitably have come across the concept of web hosting.  However, you may be confused about what it actually involves.  In this article, we’ll look at what web hosting is and the benefits of having it.

Choosing a reliable hosting service

In the first place, a web hosting company is one that rents out computer server space to customers who want to get their websites online.  They literally host the files that go to make up your site and make them available to anybody who wants to look at them on the world wide web.

In theory, anybody can host their own website, but the costs and technical implications of running your own server are astronomical.  You would need a permanent internet connection, your own IP address, the ability to instal and configure server software and  the most advanced security features.  You’d probably also need to have your own computer solely devoted to keeping your site online, with huge amounts of disk space.  So unless you’re very rich and very technically adept, web hosting is the way to go.

A web host will do all of the above things for you.  Their computer servers are connected to the internet 24 hours a day, every day, and do nothing else except host the code that goes to make up your website.  A good web host will also do all the things that make your life as a website owner easier, including:

  • providing technical support when you need it.
  • providing hosting software, tools and plug-ins to create your website in the first place and to update it according to your specific requirements.
  • providing large amounts of disk storage space.
  • providing large amounts of data transfer or bandwidth – the capacity of computer servers to receive traffic, and thus the ability to receive individual visitors to the site without it crashing.
  • providing advanced security features.
  • providing cost-effective hosting solutions – hosting companies can keep your site online for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Many businesses live or die by the quality of their website these days.  It’s such an important thing to have, that the only sane option is to do it via a professional web hosting company.

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